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Pregnant Woman

Postnatal Space - Group Counselling

Most of us have an idea in our heads about what motherhood will be like.  Whether you have just had your first baby or you have recently grown your family further, the reality can sometimes be starkly different to what we hoped.

A Supportive Space

Having a baby takes a huge physical toll on us and we often prioritise the needs of our family over our own needs - often there might be no other choice.  It's absolutely normal to feel tired, emotional, stressed or have some anxiety about parenting.  However, if you're feeling completely overwhelmed, distressed, in a constant state of anxiety, feel disconnected or have lost interest in life, it could be time to seek support.

This group will comprise of mothers who are struggling after having a baby - I have first-hand experience of how difficult this can be.  Whilst it can feel like a really isolating experience, you are certainly not alone.  You will have the opportunity to share your experiences and listen to others, learning and growing as the weeks go on.  It can be really empowering to strip away some of the expectations that we take on from society on what makes a "good mum" in order to reduce the pressure on you to be something that doesn't suit you or your baby.  When we understand that there are others experiencing the same difficulties it can reduce our shame and the feeling of being alone.  This space will allow you to explore how you're feeling in a supportive way, with no judgement.

If you are interested in postnatal group counselling you can join the waiting list below.


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