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Available Services

Please find below some information on my services and the links to book if you feel ready to do so.

If you are interested in group counselling but there is not currently a group that suits your needs, please complete the survey below to register your interest.

Feel free to contact me with any queries.

Natural Steaming Mud

Individual Counselling

One-to-one talk therapy that takes place over the phone, online or in-person (subject to availability).

Through listening empathically and understanding your reality, I help you through your emotions to empower you to make choices in your life that promote your own healing and growth.  Most of the work is done through talking and relating to each other in the safe space provided, but occasionally I may draw upon knowledge or techniques from other approaches to complement our work if it feels helpful.  I understand that sometimes it can be useful to work in different ways or look at things from different perspectives to gain clarity.  That might involve breathing techniques, reflective questionnaires, somatic work (bodily sensations), or expression through art or mixed media.  Through doing this, we can soothe your distress and dismantle beliefs that are unhelpful and limiting to you, so that you are able to feel more valuable and work towards fulfilling your potential.   

Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries.

Group Counselling

Therapeutic groups of up to eight members held weekly, in-person at community centres across Rugby.

Working with others can reassure you that you are not alone, and provide a greater sense of belonging.  In an empathic space and through shared understanding and learning, group members can gain a sense of community that can promote confidence and lessen feelings of isolation, shame or other limiting beliefs.  Sessions may consist of talk therapy, psycho-education, mindfulness, and group exercises, and will be tailored to the needs and goals of group members.

Packages are offered as four week blocks. Please purchase a package and book onto the sessions you are able to attend.  To promote regular attendance, you will have six weeks to use your package. No extensions or refunds will be offered unless the group is cancelled in that time.  If you cancel a booking at least 48 hours prior to the group, you will be offered a credit, the use of which will be limited to the expiry date of your package.

Please see the proposed groups so far for 2024 below.  If you are interested in group therapy but there is not a group to meet your needs, please complete the survey below to register your interest. 

Please feel free to contact me​ with any enquiries.

Groups (Launching in 2024)

Post-Natal Space (Click for further info)

Carers Space (Click for further info)

Menopause Space (Click for further info)

Parent Space (Click for further info)

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