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Group Counselling

Being a parent can be a tough job, but it can become even harder if our children have additional needs, are not going to school or if they demonstrate challenging or violent behaviour.  It can be harder still if you are a single parent.  

A Supportive Space

Parenting is seldom done in isolation, it is often one of many things we juggle in our lives and it can be difficult and stressful finding a balance that works for you.  This can become more complicated and overwhelming if our children have complex needs, especially if you aren't receiving the support you need.

We often prioritise the needs of our family over our own - or there may not be any opportunities for you to decompress amidst the many responsibilities you are juggling.  Parenting might be preventing you from working, whilst money pressures are increasing your anxiety.  You might be desperately trying to support your neurodiverse child and feel dis-empowered by the lack of support you are able to access.  You might even feel unsafe around your child.  Maybe your feelings over how you are as a parent are eroding how you feel about yourself in general.


It's absolutely normal to have difficult periods in life, and parenting can pose unique challenges.  However, if you're feeling completely overwhelmed, distressed, in a constant state of anxiety, feel disconnected or are finding it hard to cope, it could be time to seek support.

This group will comprise of parents who are struggling with the many demands the role can bring.  Whilst it can feel like a really isolating experience, you are certainly not alone.  You will have the opportunity to share your experiences and listen to others, learning and growing as the weeks go on.  It can be really empowering to strip away some of the expectations that we take on from society on what makes a "good parent", the demands on our children's academic ability or how they are supposed to behave in order to reduce the pressure on you and your family.  This space will allow you to explore how you're feeling in a supportive way, with no judgement.

If you are interested in parent group counselling please express your interest on the contact form below and you will be kept informed of future events.

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