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Carers Space -
Group Counselling

Sometimes in life challenges are thrown at us that completely change the trajectory we are on - we might be required to compromise on our own wants and needs in order to take care of a dependent.  This can take a toll on our emotional well-being for a variety of reasons.

A Supportive Space

When we take on the care of a dependent, we often prioritise their needs over our own - there might be no other choice available to us.  Social support is stretched, there may be no respite available to you and you may mourn for aspects of your identity or how your loved-one once was.  Your situation might cause you to feel overwhelmed, distressed, anxious, feel disconnected or a loss pf interest in life.  If any of this rings true for you it could be time to seek support.

This group will comprise of individuals in a carers role who are struggling with the demands of looking after a dependent.  Whilst it can feel like a really isolating experience, you are certainly not alone.  You will have the opportunity to share your experiences and listen to others, learning and growing as the weeks go on.  It can be really empowering to connect with others in similar positions and have an outlet for your experience.  This space will allow you to explore how you're feeling in a supportive way, with no judgement.

If you are interested in carers group counselling please join the waiting list below to express an interest and you will be kept informed of upcoming events.


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If group counselling is of interest to you please sign up below to be kept informed of upcoming events.

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